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2020: Visions of the Future Forecasting Office Supply and Demand


Welcome to the RICS Research Foundation home page. Who? and What? we are is detailed above. To set the https://exness.za.com scene here, we pose five questions:

What might the future look like?
How can we best prepare for it?
What tools do we need to move to a more sustainable society?
What will be the role of market forces?
How can the professions respond?

We cannot know for certain what life will be like in the future, but it is clear that there exness broker are a number of factors with the potential to have the greatest impact. Part of our stance on this is to proffer independent research to encourage the debate. 

Two such offerings are:

2020: Visions of the Future - A major initiative of the RICS Research Foundation showcasing the ideas of leading thinkers, in research and policy, providing us with their vision of what the future might look like.

The Royal Institute of Chartered SurveyorsForecasting Office Supply and Demand - Landmark research, which can be applied to major city centres, will allow exness south africa developers and governments, to predict their cities' building requirements with greater accuracy.