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Building Research Establishment

CIB : International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction
Web site for this organisation whose aim is to stimulate and facilitate international cooperation and information exchange between government research institutes in the building and construction sector. Includes link to its journal 'Info Bulletin' and a searchable list of organisations.

Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
CABE is developing a research capability to underpin its policy work and provide evidence of the wider socio-economic benefits of good architecture and urban design.

Construction Industry Research and Information Association
With almost 700 separate organisations subscribing to one or more of CIRIA’s categories of membership, CIRIA is recognised as the foremost independent and authoritative broker of construction research and innovation in the UK.

Co-operative Research Centre for Construction Innovation
Web site for this research body set up by the Australian government which aims to increase national prosperity through world class Australian scientific construction and asset management. Includes details of current research projects.

GEsource Geography and Environment Gateway
GEsource is a free information resource for Geography and the Environment, and is aimed at staff, students and researchers in the HE and FE communities. Alongside a growing range of additional services, GEsource includes a core database of high-quality Internet resources catalogued by subject specialists across a number of disciplines - the environment, general geography, human geography, physical geography and techniques and approaches.

Investment Property Databank
Research services include:

  • Commissioned publications
  • Commissioned research
  • Property surveys and research consultancy
  • Custom data

Investment Property Forum
Enhancing the functioning and efficiency of the property investment market is a principal objective of the IPF and research is one of the key tenets of the Forum.

The IPF produces a range of research reports funded through the IPF/IPFET Joint Research Programme. Many of these are available online. Research proposals are welcome from those looking to undertake research in property investment.

occupier.org is a collaborative initiative, involving a range of organisations from both the private and public sectors, to advance the knowledge base on the occupation and use of real estate.

Property Investment Research
Since 1989 PIR has been Australia's independent authority and the major provider of investment research on managed property funds and markets.

This website provides comprehensive research on the $163 Billion Australian property funds industry

Property Market Analysis

Society of Property Researchers

Timber Research and Development Association
Site for this organisation which describes itself as a centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products. Includes a searchable list of members, news, a database of articles on timber, a glossary of terms and an index of research projects.

Urban Land Institute

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